Picco Novo

Linen and waste collectors, shelved trolleys and service carts for doctors' practices, clinics, nursing homes, hotels and offices.

Stable, versatile, hygienic and practical - whether they are used to collect linen or separate recycling and waste, the models of the Picco Novo series are perfect for all fields of application.

In our diverse collector range we have the stationery or mobile model and the small, wall-mountable waste collector which can also be mounted on HAEBERLE cart systems - you are simply spoilt for choice.

For all models and more detailed information, please refer to the brochure or type list.

  • Variocar® + Variocar® Viva - Multipurpose trolleys
  • 08/16® - Multipurpose trolleys
  • bravo - Equipment cart system
  • swingo® + swingo® clinic - Equipment carts in wood/plastic or metal
  • keo® - ISO module and functional trolleys
  • Hospicar® + swingo-visit - Rounds and functional trolleys
  • toro - Equipment cart system
  • Halux® - Medical lamps
  • EUROSKOP® + Mediskop® - X-ray film viewers
  • PicBox® + Medi-Müll - Dispenser systems + disposal boxes
  • Picco Novo - Waste collectors and service trolleys