alegro monitor holder on articulated arm


The revolutionizing monitor carrier system allows a single and multiple arrange-ment of monitors or panel PCs. alegro is characterized by uncomplicated and universal positioning versatility for a vast array of applications.

Choose: alegro for mounting on the wall, with rod adapter fixed in the carrier profiles of the cart systems fuego, toro, swingo or keo. Otherwise with profile bearing cup for adaption on a horizontal arm, on a swivel arm, on a articulated arm or double articulated arm.

Features: Sturdy construction of the carrier system as a combination of metal, aluminium and plastic. Stable VESA adapter plate of satin-finished stainless steel with slots for VESA standard 75/100. Integrated spring locking for precise adjustment of the monitor. Practical 2-lever mechanism for infinitely variable and precise adjustment of the tilt angle, for horizontal pivoting and fixing to various attachment system parts.

Application: In medicine, industry and all technical fields.

  • Variocar® + Variocar® Viva - Multipurpose trolleys
  • 08/16® - Multipurpose trolleys
  • bravo - Equipment cart system
  • swingo® + swingo® clinic - Equipment carts in wood/plastic or metal
  • keo® - ISO module and functional trolleys
  • Hospicar® + swingo-visit - Rounds and functional trolleys
  • toro - Equipment cart system
  • Halux® - Medical lamps
  • EUROSKOP® + Mediskop® - X-ray film viewers
  • PicBox® + Medi-Müll - Dispenser systems + disposal boxes
  • Picco Novo - Waste collectors and service trolleys